A water crisis has been a problem for Filipinos for generations.

Water scarcity is more apparent, posing a bigger threat to the country’s sustainable development. The Philippines remains in a struggle to provide adequate amounts and reliable drinking water to islands and coastal communities. 40 million Filipinos experience water scarcity throughout the year. This problem gets even worse during the dry and rainy/typhoon seasons.

Island communities are greatly affected by these weather extremities, relying on rainwater and shallow wells, which can be salty and contaminated. Other locals travel to the mainland to buy their water supply. This expense for every trip can be too high and impractical to often do.


NXTLVL Water solves the water scarcity in the island and coastal communities in the Philippines by using the most abundant water source; the sea. Using a fully-off grid (no electricity plug-in) renewable desalination solution; simple to install, typhoon and harsh weather resilient, turnkey, and requiring minimal maintenance. A long-term alternative modern water solution to today’s problem on continuous groundwater depletion.

Our new and innovative technologies have already been proven with many installations across the country. Join us to solve the current lack of potable water sources in far-flung and coastal areas of the Philippines.

We commit to making a permanent impact in promoting responsible water sourcing and management Through more projects and deployments, we can accelerate sustainable development of these communities towards progressive water secure future.


NXTLVL Water is an established Filipino water tech solutions company solving the country's potable, drinking water issue. We are trusted by both the government and the private sector.

Founded in 2017, NXTLVL Water has been focused on deploying sustainable -no electricity required - high quality potable water systems across the Philippines.

NXTLVL Water strengthens clean water security, while driving economic growth in local communities.

Led by a strong management team whose vision is to improve access to basic necessities in developing countries such as the Philippines, NXTLVL Water is also supported by a team of engineers and operations staff who help manage project deployments across the different regions throughout the country.

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