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Two Desalination Facilities to be Constructed in Bohol

Two barangays in the Province of Bohol are set to get their own Solar Powered Desalination facility. A simultaneous groundbreaking ceremony was held last September 17, 2023 for the upcoming desalination facility for Cataban island in Talibon, and Hingotanan West in Bien Unido Bohol.

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Philippine Water Challenge Year 2

Nxtlvl Water is among the finalists for Philippine Water Challenge Year 2, with our solar powered portable water filtration - Emergency Water Response and Powerbox 2.0.

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Global Water Partnership Case study: Redefining Desalination

For years, most island residents in the Philippines rely on rainwater for drinking and daily usage. Modern water solutions exist. It's time for PH to invest in such technologies and tap on the most sustainable and unlimited water source (THE SEA) to maintain water security for the country.

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Community Impact

For many island communities in the Philippines, potable water security has been lacking for generations. Islanders often travel long distances to the mainland to buy water and face high prices, even for encatched rainwater. These expensive sources of water are also unreliable due to seasonal weather and typhoons.

World Water Challenge 2022 Finalist
World Water Challenge 2022

Emergency Water Response (EWR) solution is one of the 10 selected solutions of the World Water Challenge 2022, during the Korea International Water Week held at Daegu, South Korea.


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